4 Home Decorating Tips for Summer

Posted By Julia Walsh @ May 25th 2022 12:53pm

Seasonal decorating doesn’t have to mean pulling out boxes of decorations every time. You want to keep your home decorating simple and clean in the summer. But that doesn’t mean you can't have a bit of extra fun in the summertime. Here are four decorating tips to help you feel more summery in your home this season.

Switch Your Bedding

You can throw off those fuzzy down comforters and swap in lighter blankets. The color can change, too, to reflect the season. Instead of the dark cozy colors of winter, opt for lighter, brighter colors to feel more like summertime.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Now that it’s summer and the days are longer, you’ll spend a lot more time outside. Make sure you optimize your outdoor seating to make it inviting for yourself and guests. Add lighting to your outdoor space to continue gathering after dark. And you can even make it more comfortable underfoot with an outdoor rug.

Light Summer-Scented Candles

While colors and comfort are essential for summer, you can also consider the scents of the season. Buy some delightful summer-scented candles to light throughout your house. Some scents to consider include beachy themes and tropical fruits.

Put Out Bowls of Citrus Fruits

To enjoy the summer with all of your senses, consider decorating with a bowl full of citrus fruits. The greens, yellows and oranges are gorgeous on a countertop or table, but they can also be useful as you can snack on them or use them to make delicious summertime beverages.

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